You Can Prevent Heart Disease: Tips for a Healthy Heart

prevent heart diseaseMany of us give up trying to stay healthy and prevent heart disease because we don’t believe it is possible.  We are born with predetermined genes right, heart disease just runs in my family?

Not so fast; time to back away from the fried foods and realize that prevention is not only possible but can change your life!

We might be born with a specific set of genes, but our lifestyles turn those genes on and off thus can delay and/or prevent heart disease.  For example, I have been tested to have a hereditary tendency to have high bad cholesterol.  However, because of my diet and exercise mine is under control and not a problem.  Yet when I look back at times when it was not as healthy it was skyrocketing!  My change in lifestyle reversed my risk factors for heart disease. (How I lowered my cholesterol naturally)

You too can prevent and reverse your heart disease risks.  Here are some ways that you can help yourself get turned in the right direction!

  • Stop for 5 minutes and do some deep breathing – stress has a big impact on your healthy.  Deep breathing is a great way to reduce stress.
  • Eat one extra fruit today – fruit and veggies are full of antioxidants which help keep you healthy.  (Click here for a fruit and veggie challenge).
  • Take a walk at lunch – all the exercise and activity you can get will be helpful.  So instead of sitting at your desk get up and take a walk.  Helps with stress too!
  • Cut back on your dinner portions – obesity is a leading cause of many diseases including heart disease.  So eliminate some extra pounds by eating smaller portions.
  • Turn off the TV and head outside – walk the dog, play with the kids, garden or whatever else you enjoy.  Just get moving!

It only takes one small change a day that will help you prevent heart disease.  Make a commitment today to not let your family history give you the excuse to make bad choices.  You have control over your health!

Your Turn - how else can you get started?  Have you yourself had any luck preventing heart disease?

Your Thoughts?