How to Increase Your Health and Longevity

Living to 100 and beyond is something that about one in every five thousand people will do. When you look at the people who have reached this major milestone, you see commonalities between them.

What Centenarians do to live longer:

  • Most keep their minds active all the time.
  • They laugh more often that the average person.
  • Exercise and movement are a part of their lives.
  • Independent living, as far as possible, is a priority.
  • Eating healthy rounds out the list.

Some families have more people living into this age group than others. But, in the same family, you can have one twin die at 70 and another live past 100. Scientists claim that about 1/3 of the reason someone reaches the centenarian mark is genetics. Adding other positive factors makes a big difference on who reaches this goal and who does not.

So, where do most centenarians live? Per capita, the island of Okinawa in Japan has the most centenarians. This island’s people have a lower incidence of disease, even compared to the rest of Japan, including heart disease. When compared to the rest of the world, Japan is much healthier. Good living is the difference in increased health and longevity.

Editor’s Note:  You will notice that the Okinawa’s health and longevity stems from living a healthy lifestyle, but also from enjoying their life.  Don’t sacrifice laughter and happiness in order to live longer.  What is the point of living longer if you are not happy?


Source: Best MHA Programs

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