Need to Make Lifestyle Changes for Your Heart Health?  Are you overwhelmed and not sure how you are going to make lasting changes?
You Have Found the Right Place!

Heart Health Journey is dedicated to helping you understand heart disease without too much medical jargon, while at the same time helping you to implement lasting lifestyle changes.  This way you understand what your doctor is saying and are taking steps to ensure you are around for your family for many years to come.

Where to Start:

heart disease preventionThe site is broken down in two main areas:

Heart Disease Education – this is where you can learn about heart disease and its risks, causes, types of problems and more.
Prevention & Reversal – the good news is that most forms of heart disease are preventable and some even reversible with lifestyle changes.  The key is knowing how to implement the needed changes so that you stick with them, so we give you actionable advice that you can start using today.

Click on the area you need the most help with and get started to better understanding how you can prevent and reverse your heart disease!

Looking for resources to help you on your heart health journey?  Check out our resource page with our recommended books, health supplies and more.